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Thank you for visiting our site. We are here to provide help to those who need legal expertise. You will find our website helpful in pursuing claims and getting a better understanding of the process. We can tell you how injury lawyers and solicitors can assist you in how the process of claiming compensation. We provide impartial and independent information that can provide you with the knowledge you need should you wish to pursue a particular type of claim.

Mission Statement

Picture of a statue with a scalesOur goal is to bring specific free legal advice and useful resources to the public. This is why we offer an in-depth look at every type of claim. If you need answers to your questions, you are in the right place. We have extensive information on no win no fee (NWNF) cases, where there is no financial outlay to start your injury claims.

We discuss injury, accident, negligence, employment and claims. If you have been injured in an accident because of negligence or intentional harm of another, you are eligible to make a injury compensation claim. You are not obliged to just suffer the pain and costs that go with injuries just because of another person’s actions. If you have been mistreated anywhere, whether that is at work or by an organisation, or getting medical treatment you may be eligible for any claim.

You must be at the legal age of 18 to make a claim, minors can wait until they are 18. Making any claim does not have to cost you a single penny. NWNF arrangements with a solicitor allow you to file a claim without shouldering legal fees. This means you have access to legal representation regardless of your status in life. We are here to help as soon as you clearly establish that you would want to file an injury claim.

No Win No Fee

Picture of a judge presiding over a personal injury caseNo Win No Fee (NWNF), officially called conditional fee arrangement, is a deal between a client and a law firm. In cases of these types of claims, the solicitor knows that if a case is lost, no payment shall be made. However, if the opposite happens and the case is won, the lawyer will get the regular fee based on hourly rate, together with a success fee. In England and Wales, success fees are no more than 100% of the normal fee. This type of agreement benefits those on lower incomes who would like to pursue their rights. However, NWNF solicitors are sometimes faced with higher risk, unless a case has a good merit and chance for success.

These conditional fee arrangement deals were first used for some court cases in Wales and England in 1995. After three years, a motion was made to allow these to all civil cases, except family courts action. Former minister Geoff Hoon believes that these agreements can lead to a better access to justice. In April 2000, the 1999 Access to Justice Act came into force. In this act, the judge can decide in making the losing side shoulder the additional costs that come with conditional fee agreements. In 2008, Lord Clarke asked Lord Justice Jackson to review litigation costs and in 2009, he began his investigation. In January of 2010, the review was published and in April 2013, changes were enacted in conditional fee arrangement via the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012.

As discussed in our detailed analysis of NWNF, in the event that a claimant loses, no compensation will be awarded. Under the deal, the claimant is not responsible for paying legal fees. The injury solicitor can use insurance to handle instances such as this. If the claim is won, you may be liable to pay the success fee to your solicitor, which is up to a maximum of 25% of your compensation.

Accident & Personal Injury Claims

Photo of a crash victim who may pursue injury claims

Accidents or injury can happen anywhere, even when you are at home. However, there are situations when a working environment puts a worker at risk. If you have suffered an injury while at work, you may be entitled to file accident claims if your employer has negligence. Employers are not just responsible for paying you in exchange of your work, but also ensure that the environment is safe. It is a legal duty of every employer to protect his or her workers while working, if they fail on this duty, they may face penalties and compensation for claims at work.

No matter how careful a driver you are, you are never fully assured of the recklessness of another driver. Road traffic is another source of accidents due to unsafe driving habits and environmental hazards. In case you get involved in a car crash, you should be prepared and know what you need to do. Your first step would be to seek medical attention. This will not just ensure you get proper treatment, but also help you later if you decide to pursue an injury claim. If you intend to make a car accident claim, you must not be the one at fault. This means that even if you were injured but you are the one at fault, you will not be compensated. However, passengers can make car accident claims against the driver’s insurance provider, if the driver is the one at fault.

For more detailed information check out our in-depth look at Accident and Personal Injury Claims. If you are riding a motorcycle and are involved in an accident, you might find it difficult to win a claim. Motorbike accident claims can also be made under NWNF basis so that even if you lose the case, you do not have to worry about legal fees. If you win, your lawyer’s fees will be taken as part of your compensation.


Medical Negligence

Photo of a stethoscope and a medical negligence document

Being ill is already stressful, and falling victim to medical malpractice doubles the trouble. It can be devastating to realise that the people who should be providing treatment failed to do their job or may even be the ones who have caused your illness. Fortunately, you have all the right to complain and seek necessary claim compensation.

Medical negligence claims are claims against medical professionals for suffering incurred from medical care. These are entirely different from injuries caused, for instance by car traffic incident when it is straightforward to establish whether somebody was at fault or if the injuries were suffered as a result. To succeed in this type of claim, you must prove that there were serious errors in the medical treatment and that these are caused or materially contributed to the injury you are complaining about.

Sometimes, people who suffer from a medical accident get emotional, putting the blame to the doctor. However, it is best to put emotions aside and determine what you really want from your claim. Perhaps, a meaningful complaint is one that intends to prevent similar accidents in the future. It is best to consult a solicitor for your medical claim for he or she is knowledgeable and experienced in making an initial assessment and see if it is worth investigating.

Negligence can come in a wide variety of cases as the medical field is so broad. Every patient has the right to complain about a mistreatment received, regardless it is birth injury, surgical error, or a failed cosmetic procedure. The physician who provided the treatment must respond and oblige to an investigation. The government has established CHAI or Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection that is independent of the Department of Health and NHS. This Healthcare Commission has independent scrutiny of medical complaints ensuring patient safety and wellbeing is paramount. Be sure to read our extensive look at clinical negligence for more information.

Employment Solicitors

Photo of a legal professional with a scales of justice in his handIf you have issues about your employment, employment solicitors can help resolve these and leave you financially protected with your career and reputation still intact. There are so many issues that a worker may be involved with, regardless of which industry he or she belongs. Employment law experts can help workers know about their rights and how to fight for these. At times, employees are afraid to seek complaint because of the thought of losing their job or harming their employers. Employment lawyers are there to educate them of the case they are filing and the steps involved.

Employment issues such as wages and benefits, wrongful termination, harassment or discrimination, and medical leave issues often lead to disputes between an employee and employer. For instance, when a worker files a discrimination complaint or any other violation, the employer will be the subject of the litigation claim. Likewise, when an employer is involved with unreasonable termination, reducing workforce or changing contracts, an employee is put on the defence to fight for his or her rights as an employee. It is the responsibility of an employment lawyer to review the merits of a complaint and advise complainant on the logical course of action, such as to either negotiate a settlement or pursue court litigation.

Not all matters of employment would warrant the advice of solicitors, but several issues are challenging enough that they may require legal expertise, such as those that affect lost wages or job security. Additionally, employment laws constantly changes, and experienced solicitors are the best people to issue advice on new changes in the employment law that might substantially affect your case. We go into more depth on our employment solicitors page but the most important thing is to choose lawyers that are well experienced and knowledgeable in various issues. It is also important to pick one that is particularly abreast of the current employment laws.

Compensation Calculator

When a victim considers claiming, one of their immediate concerns is how much compensation they may receive. Pursuing claims can be lengthy and stressful and it would be natural to get an idea of what you to expect out of all the hardship that you have to go through. Every case is different. There is no way of accurately estimating the exact compensation cost that the victim will be awarded. Two very similar claims can have very different settlements. The specific details of the case and the evidence provided can substantially affect the compensation to be awarded.

While it is impossible to get a specific amount of compensation claim without reviewing medical records, there are tariffs that courts follow. The claim amount depends completely on how an unfortunate event has affected you or how long it takes before you recover. Our calculator can give you a rough estimate of what you can expect to receive. The objective of our injury claim calculator is to give you an idea about how much an injury may be worth. On top of that, you can claim for the financial losses incurred due to that injury.

A calculator may give you an idea of how much compensation you can receive, but you have to keep in mind that these figures are only estimates of what is typically awarded for similar injuries. Additional amounts may be paid for other past and future expenses and loss of potential earnings as consequence of the injury. Some other factors that will have to be considered in determining compensation would include the severity of injury, its effect on your physical and mental health and how long you would have to endure your injury.

Please try our Compensation Calculator as a useful resource in giving an idea of what to expect after your claim.

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