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The purpose of this site is to provide free and independent legal advice to those who need it. When somebody is searching for legal advice, by its very nature, it usually means there is an unwelcome issue that must be dealt with. We hope our advice goes some way to steering you on the right path in getting this dilemma solved. Although we do try to provide as much transparent and up to date information, ultimately if you are proceeding with a legal case you must speak directly to a solicitor. That being said, we hope our website provides you with the tools and knowledge to help you choose the best legal professional possible.

We have all seen the “no win, no fee” adverts on the television. But what do they mean? Do they sound too good to be true? The primary reason for this website is to de-bunk the myths and give honest and impartial legal advise to those that need it. Of course, a “no win, no fee” agreement simply means that the legal professionals are unlikely to take on your case unless there is a good chance of success; they are running a business after all.

Although we have done our utmost to provide as much in-depth information as possible on our site, please do speak in person to a professional when you would like to advance your enquiries. When pursuing legal action it is always best to speak to three independent solicitors to investigate the total costs and the possible legal channels available to you. Charges vary from company to company, and as with most items on the high street, do shop around.

We do hope you find LegallyAdvised.co.uk helpful and informative. If you have any questions or queries do please contact us here.

We hope you enjoy the site.




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