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Welcome to our compensation calculator.

“How much compensation for a shoulder injury?” we hear you ask, well we have the answer. This page is an ideal resource for those seeking financial compensation information for any personal injury, accident or medical claims. If you would like further compensation information for employment related claims please go to our detailed information page here.

The tool below can act as a guide to discover how much compensation you will receive for your particular type of injury or issue. The figures used here are from the compensation guidelines of the Judicial Studies Board (JSB).

For estimated compensation figures please click the relevant part of the body or condition below.

Location of head on picture of human body Location of shoulder on picture of human body Location of elbow and arms on picture of human body Location of hands on picture of human body Location of knee on picture of human body Location of feet and toes on picture of human body Location of ankle on picture of human body Location of upper leg on picture of human body Location of wrist on picture of human body Location of hip on picture of human body Location of back on picture of human body Location of neck on picture of human body Paralysis Epilepsy Psychiatric Problems Internal Injury
HeadVery Severe Brain Damage£155,000£220,000
HeadModerately Severe Brain Damage£120,000£155,000
HeadModerate Brain Damage£23,500£120,000
HeadMinor Brain Damage£8,500£23,500
HeadMinor Head Injury£1,250£7,000
HeadFractures of Frontal Facial Bones£13,500£20,000
HeadMultiple Fractures of Facial Bones £8,000£13,250
HeadFractures of Nose or Nasal Area £1,000£12,750
HeadFractures of Cheekbones £1,350£8,750
HeadFracture of Jaws £3,500£25,000
HeadDamage to Teeth £600£6,250
HeadFemales Facial Disfigurement£1,000£53,000
HeadMale Facial Disfigurement£1,000£36,000
HeadDamage to Hair£2,150£6,000
HeadDermatitis £1,000£10,500
HeadTotal blindness and deafness Varies£220,000
HeadTotal blindness Varies£147,500
HeadLoss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in the other£35,000£98,000
HeadTotal loss of one eye £30,000£36,000
HeadComplete loss of sight in one eye  £30,000£27,000
HeadSerious but incomplete loss of vision in one eye £13,000£21,000
HeadMinor but permanent impairment of vision in one eye £6,750£11,500
HeadMinor Eye Injuries £2,150£4,750
HeadTransient Eye Injuries  £1,250£2,150
HeadTotal Deafness and Loss of Speech £60,000£77,000
HeadTotal Deafness £50,000£60,000
HeadTotal Loss of Hearing in one Ear £17,500£25,000
HeadSevere Hearing Loss/Tinnitus£16,000£25,000
HeadModerate Hearing Loss/Tinnitus£8,000£16,000
HeadMild with some hearing loss £6,750£8,000
HeadSlight of occasional tinnitus with slight hearing loss£4,000£6,750
HeadTotal loss of taste and smell  Varies£21,500
HeadTotal loss of smell and significant loss of taste £18,000£21,500
HeadLoss of smell £13,500£18,000
HeadLoss of taste £10,500£13,500
NeckSevere Neck Injury£12,500£82,000
NeckModerate Neck Injury£4,250£13,750
NeckMinor Neck Injury£750£4,250
ShoulderSevere Shoulder Injury£10,500£26,500
ShoulderSerious Shoulder Injury£6,750£10,500
ShoulderModerate Shoulder Injury£4,250£7,000
ShoulderMinor Shoulder InjuryVaries£4,500
ShoulderFracture of Clavicle £2,750£6,500
Elbow/ArmAmputation of Both Arms£132,500£165,000
Elbow/ArmAmputation of One Arm£52,500£75,000
Elbow/ArmOther Arm Injuries£3,500£71,500
Elbow/ArmWork Related Upper Limb Disorders £1,250£12,500
Elbow/ArmInjuries to the Elbow Varies£30,000
HandFrom loss of both hands to amputation of finger/fingers£34,000£110,000
HandSerious Hand Injury £8,000£34,000
HandModerate Hand Injury£3,500£7,250
HandMinor Hand Injury£500£2,250
HandInjuries to finger/s Varies£13,500
HandInjuries to Thumb Varies£30,000
HandSerious Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome£9,250£21,000
HandModerate Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome£4,750£9,250
HandMinor Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome£1,500£4,750
WristWrist InjuryVaries£33,000
BackSevere Back Injury£21,500£93,000
BackModerate Back Injury£6,750£21,500
BackMinor Back InjuryVaries£7,500
HipSevere Hip or Pelvis Injury£21,500£71,500
HipModerate Hip or Pelvis Injury£14,750£21,500
HipHip or Pelvis Injury of Limited Severity£6,750£14,750
HipLesser Hip or Pelvis InjuryVaries£7,000
LegLeg Amputation £50,000£155,000
LegSevere Leg Injuries £15,250£74,000
LegLess Serious Leg InjuriesVaries£15,250
KneeSevere Knee Injury£14,750£52,500
KneeModerate Knee InjuryVaries£14,750
AnkleSevere Ankle Injury£17,500£38,000
AnkleModerate Ankle InjuryVaries£14,750
Foot/ToeAmputation of both feet £93,000£110,000
Foot/ToeAmputation of one foot £46,000£60,000
Foot/ToeSevere Foot Injury £13,750£60,000
Foot/ToeModerate Foot Injury £7,500£13,750
Foot/ToeModest Foot Injury Varies£7,500
Foot/ToeAmputation of all Toes £20,000£31,000
Foot/ToeAmputation of the Big Toe Varies£17,500
Foot/ToeSevere Toe Injury£5,250£10,500
Foot/ToeModerate Toe InjuryVaries£5,250
EpilepsyEstablished Grand Mal £55,000£82,000
EpilepsyEstablished Petit Mal £30,000£71,500
EpilepsyOther Epileptic Conditions £5,750£14,250
PsychiatricSevere Psychiatric Damage £30,000£63,000
PsychiatricModerately Severe Psychiatric Damage £10,500£30,000
PsychiatricModerate Psychiatric Damage £3,250£10,500
PsychiatricMinor Psychiatric Damage £800£3,250
PsychiatricSevere Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder£34,000£55,000
PsychiatricModerately Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder£12,500£31,750
PsychiatricModerate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder£4,500£12,500
PsychiatricMinor Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder£2,150£4,500
InternalSevere Chronic Pain Syndrome£23,000£35,000
InternalModerate Chronic Pain Syndrome£6,000£18,000
InternalFibromyalgia £19,000£35,000
InternalChronic Fatigue SyndromeVaries£27,500
InternalSevere Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy£28,000£55,000
InternalModerate  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy£14,000£21,000
InternalSomatoform Disorder Varies£25,000
InternalChest Injuries £1,250£82,000
InternalLung Disease£1,250£72,500
InternalAsbestos-Related Disease £5,000£70,000
InternalInfertility £3,500£93,000
InternalDamage Resulting from Traumatic Injury £3,500£34,000
InternalIllness Resulting from Non-traumatic Injury£500£32,000
InternalBowels £6,750£82,000
InternalBladder £13,000£77,000
InternalSpleen £2,250£14,500
Compensation Calculator - How Much Can You Claim?
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Compensation Calculator - How Much Can You Claim?
Here is our compensation calculator tool. Use this to assesses your injuries & provide a guide to discover how much compensation you may be entitled to.

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